Las Vegas at WPPI

Vegas is always an experience and this time around was no exception that is for sure. Of course the trip started in Portland, after the customary picture of our shoes on the PDX Airport carpet we made our way to D Terminal.

There was still work to be done before we left for Vegas, so we jumped in our Ford Edge and headed toward Bigg’s Junction where we planned on taking a few photos of the new Travel America being built there. On the way we stopped at Big Jim’s in The Dalles…it’s our new favorite drive-in. The burgers are soooo good and made with real beef and the French fry sauce is so much like the fry sauce from my hometown drive-in (Czer’s) my ultimate and forever favorite drive-in, so lunch for me was perfect.

Time flew faster than normal and by the time I’d snapped several pictures in Bigg’s, it was time to hit the road so we could make it to the airport on time to catch our flight.

Normally we fly Southwest….we love Southwest. Everyone is so friendly and we can make changes to our tickets without being charged for the changes. We can also check two suitcases for free and have a carry-on along with a personal item. Southwest is awesome. This time however we decided to fly Frontier because the tickets were so cheap. We had to pay for a suitcase…we stuffed all of our stuff into one. We decided not to pay for a carry-on. We were able to take one personal item, so we made that work. I always pack way too much in my personal items and carry-ons on a plane, this time was no exception.

We had enough time at the airport to look around a couple of the shops and grab a coffee from Peets Coffee. Rick got a Oat Milk Horchata. When the barista handed Rick his coffee he said in reference to the design he tried to make on top of the coffee, “look, it’s a little Horchata,” which totally threw me because I was going to ask him to make the design in the shape of a Horchata. We all laughed. I thought the whole thing was hilarious.

As we walked toward our gate Rick said to an older man wearing a Kansas City Chiefs hat, “go Chiefs.” The man was sitting at a table waiting for his own flight. He smiled at us and started talking about the hat. “It also stands for ‘Kinda Cute’.” We smiled and laughed, and I totally wanted to take his picture, but didn’t. Regrets, regrets.

The flight was pretty routine. Not a whole lot happened. Once we were getting ready to get off the plane the group of young men in front of us were wide awake and razzing each other the way young guys do. One of them had brought a basketball and one of the others thought that was the craziest thing to do…bring a basketball to Vegas. He kept saying, “Who brings a basketball to Vegas?”

We made our way to baggage claim, but not before going thought the customs store where we found out that you can only purchase items there if you are leaving the airport on a plane, not if you are leaving the airport by taxi, or Uber, or by any other means. Once we got to the baggage claim the young man that had been giving the other young man a hard time for bringing the basketball, was covered in sweat from bouncing the basketball. I laughed at him and made a smart aleck comment about him having the basketball now. He laughed.

We grabbed our bags and made our way to where our Uber driver, Pedro, was waiting. Pedro chatted all the way from the airport to the Luxor. He gave us ideas on who had the best buffets, which he endearingly called buff ettes.