Great food, good times and saddles, in Pendleton, Oregon

It’s been a couple months since my youngest daughter and I got to spend some time together, so an evening in Pendleton was just what we needed.

Our first stop was at Prodigal Son Brewery and Pub. My daughter isn’t 21 yet, but that’s okay, the restaurant is kid-friendly, and I don’t really like beer, but that’s okay too, I knew from experience the food was amazing. And it was! For those of you who do like beer Prodigal has a variety of beers hand-crafted right here in northeast Oregon, including A Beer Named Sue, Wheatstock Hefewizen, Righteous Indignation Organic Red, Maxxx Power, and Huckleberry Wheat, to name just a few.

We both ordered a cup of the macaroni and cheese, which was absolutely deliciously cheesy. We also shared an order of fresh cut chips, also very good.

Once our dining experience came to a close we headed out into the cool evening air of northeast Oregon. Climbing into my rig my daughter asked, “What is Hamley’s?” referring to the great neon sign announcing Hamley’s Western Store that was just down the street. Mom fail #389,567!!! How had I never taken inside Hamley’s Western Store?

We parked just under the Rainbow Cafe sign then made our way inside the western store that has been a part of northeast Oregon culture since 1883. Genevieve Wells, told me years ago about coming to Hamley’s to get her outfits for her reign as the very first queen of the Elgin Stampede in 1946. (Incidentally, the Elgin Stampede just won the Columbia River Circuits award for Best Small Rodeo of the Circuit for 2017, but that’s another story).

Saddle Maker Hank Moss



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