My View – May/June 2016

Have you ever had on of those weeks where everything just came together? I had the good fortune of spending five days in Pendleton, Oregon, home of Eastern Oregon’s signature event, the Pendleton Round-Up. The Round-Up wasn’t happening at the time, but good old fashioned Pendleton hospitality was alive and well at the Oregon Governor’s Conference on Tourism.
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As I sat with 450 of my newest friends on Tuesday morning I had time to reflect on the events that had taken place over the course of the last five days. I was amazed at the chance encounters that will no doubt turn into solid, meaningful friendships. Equally amazing was the sense of family I encountered. This group of people, who are all part of the travel industry in one way or another, are all there and held together with a common thread, the love of Oregon. I could have not been more thrilled to be surrounded by hundreds of people who love this great state as much as I do.
The conference itself was one of the best conferences I have ever gone to, but it really was so much more than that. I have been going through some pretty significant life-altering events lately and to take some time to connect with both new and old friends was invaluable at this stage of my journey through life. Not to mention I was able to visit with my all time favorite TV personality, Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel. I was completely star struck, but tried not to let it show as I welcomed her to Oregon and asked her to come back again soon.
In addition to the great time I had with all my new Travel Oregon friends I also had a wonderful time watching Ring of Fire at the historic Elgin Opera House. Once again this group of volunteers really knocked it out of the park.
I also had the pleasure of watching the dedication ceremony for the solar carports at Tamástslikt. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am honored to have been able to experience it.
Also, the Eagle Cap Excursion Train has their 2016 schedule set, so be sure and catch a ride with them sometime this spring, summer, or fall.
Until next time…..Carpe diem
(Seize the Day) Lori

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