Be Pleasantly Surprised at Fringe Salon and Boutique

By Lori Kimbel
Emily Hendricks
Cosmetologist, Emily Hendricks stepped into a former beauty salon at 612 N. Main Street in downtown Milton-Freewater and her imagination took over. For decades the building had welcomed clients to come, sit, get beautified and rejuvenated under the name Vera’s Beauty Salon; Hendricks decided she would make that happen once again.
Her vision became a reality after significant remodeling and painting. She opened Fringe Salon & Boutique on April 17th, 2015 and since then her client list has continued to grow. Working alongside Hendricks is Kim Ellis who has been a hair stylist for 17 years.
In addition to haircuts, styling, and coloring the salon also offers waxing, tanning, all natural pedicures, along with gel pedicures, and massage by Chelsea Davis.
“I love the creative aspect of hair styling. I am a people person and I really like business, so this meshes all of my passions into one,” said Hendricks who is no stranger to the business side of life in Milton-Freewater. Her grandfather was one of the first to plant wine grapes in the area, and of course Milton-Freewater is now home to a plethora of vineyards.
The boutique itself offers a wide variety of unique, local and regional beauty and gift items from an array of artists. Papaya Art has a full line of clutches and hand bags. Farmhouse Soaps from Miles Away Farm offer handmade moisturizers, hand soaps and lotions. Peekaboo Chic has adorable slips and stockings. Aggies candles are made with all natural soy with cotton wicks and quality fragrance oils. Chubby Chap is oversized chap stick made with coconut oil, beeswax, honey and fragrance. Fringe Boutique also has a line of cards gleaned from Etsy.
Born and raised in Milton-Freewater, Hendricks, after being gone away from home for eight years, is excited about the opportunities her home town is giving her.
Fresh out of high school Hendricks decided to be a nurse; she went to school in southern Oregon, but soon realized something about her choice of careers was missing. She ended up going to beauty school instead and this is where she truly found her passion. She graduated from the Oregon Institute of Cosmetology in Medford and could not be happier about her decision to become a cosmetologist.
Her career has taken her to Reno, Winnemucca, and McDermitt, Nevada where she was given the opportunity to work with diverse clientele.
“It was a really good learning experience,” said Hendricks.
She attended an intense year-long training program that according to Hendricks, defined who she is as a hair stylist.
Life ended up throwing some curve balls like life sometimes does and Hendricks ended up back in Milton-Freewater. She waitressed at Wildhorse for a time, and became a 911 dispatcher.
“I liked the job, but I wanted to be my own boss,” said Hendricks. “I knew I wanted to get back to my passion and there was a need for a full-service salon in Milton-Freewater, so I quit my cushy job. I knew 100 percent I wanted to do this; I knew I had to do this.”
Stop in at Fringe Salon and Boutique to see what catches your eye in this eclectic shop. Make an appointment to get your hair done, or your nails done, or maybe even to have a massage. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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