My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

I attended the live production of My Fair Lady at the Historic Elgin Opera House last night and I was completely blown away, once again, by the talent that graces this stage play after play.

Rene Wells played Eliza Doolittle and did an amazing job. Let me tell you, this lady can sing! And dance, and perform. Great job Rene Wells.

Then there was Brent Clapp of Brent Clapp Media in La Grande, who played Professor Higgins. What a fabulous actor from start to finish. I am looking forward to him playing a part in many plays to come.

Kenn Wheeler played Alfie Doolittle, and there has never been a more charming intoxicated gentleman.

Colonel Pickering, played by Terry Hale, was comical and delightful.

This list of great acting does go on and on. In addition to the acting I must give a ‘shout out’ to the costume designer of this production, Denise Wheeler. The outfits were beautiful and the ladies hats were amazing.

Of course I cannot leave out the sets. They seemed to be straight out of Broadway.

To the cast and crew of My Fair Lady, great job all the way around.

Oh, I guess I better not leave out the director, Michael Frasier for without him there would just be a lot of people, dressed up wonderfully, wandering around on stage.

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