My Cup Runneth Over

Wallowa lake Fountain

Today was one of those great days when I really appreciate the work I do. I was able to drive to Wallowa County, which a visit to Wallowa County is a blessing all in itself, and visit with a few of the people that make this corner of Oregon special.

My ‘job’ allows me to make connections time and time again. Connections that start with a simple conversation and turn into lifelong aquaintenceships, and often times life long friendships. I am truly blessed and completely felt as if my cup runneth over with the joy of meeting new friends along this journey I am on.

I feel so honored that people let me in, and share with me some of their most private thoughts and dreams. Over the years I have had so many people share their triumphs with me as well as their heartaches. I always walk away from my new found friendships with a deeper perspective on life and a new appreciation for what entrepreneurs endure as they start, maintain and keep their dream business afloat.

As I wandered and rambled today I met with five people who shared their stories with me. I encountered joy, enthusiasm, pride, humbleness, warmth and friendship. Today was a good day, a day where my cup of friendship most definitely runneth over. Thank you to the 5 that added so much to my life today.

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