Hood River at Night

Hood River Hotel
I don’t know exactly what it is about Hood River that I love so much, it just has that special something. It seems like I always arrive in Hood River after most of the shops around downtown are closed for the evening, but that doesn’t stop me from walking around looking through their windows. It’s peaceful in Hood River, and I have had so many good experiences there that it just soothes my soul to be there.

Tonight was not any different. We arrived to late to visit any shops, but it was perfect timing to grab a quick bite to eat at El Rio before heading over to the Starlight Theater.

It was our first time going to the Starlight. Chalk up another great experience to Hood River. Not sure what to expect, we walked in and were surprised at what we saw. Comfortable recliners in place of regular theater seating. People were enjoying pizza, wine and beer. The atmosphere was contagious. People were chatting and laughing, everyone was having a great time enjoying each others company before the movie started.

We actually went and saw Revenant, and even though it was pretty intense and beyond my threshold for gore, I enjoyed the movie. It was one of those that really made you think about life, injustice, revenge, dying, and acting. It certainly deserves the awards it has received.

After the movie we strolled, yes, strolled through town. I love taking pictures of store window displays and Hood River has some great ones.

We finally turned in for the evening. Making our way up to the 3rd floor of the Hood River Hotel for a quick nights sleep before heading toward the Oregon Coast in the morning.

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