In Loving Memory of Forrest Andrews

Forest Andrews 2

Forest Andrews
My husband and I were visiting Hood River Tuesday night and while we were walking through downtown we heard a commotion of sorts, so I convinced him to go exploring with me to see what was going on. We walked into a parking lot that overlooked a side street. The street was lined with young people. For a few moments I thought this was a normal gathering of Hood River young people, something they did each summer night. I was fascinated and took pictures of this mini culture, one I obviously knew nothing about, but it seemed special and most definitely picture worthy. I worried they might get angry at me taking pictures, a few glanced my way, but let me intrude without saying a word. After taking about six pictures I suddenly realized this was not a normal gathering. A young lady with a bouquet of flowers welcomed a hug from a friend as she wiped away her tears. I immediately put down my camera and told my husband it was time to go, we had intruded long enough on something we knew nothing about, something so special to the people involved and I had a feeling it was something tragic. The next morning we drove down the street before leaving town, it was then we learned about Forest. I found this page on Facebook and wanted to share the photos I took. I hope they are special to all of you, but by all means if you do not want them on here then please take them down. I have been out of high school for many years, and unfortunately, like you all, lost a close friend just after high school. We still toast him at every reunion, tell stories about him, laugh at his memory and cry because we hate it that he isn’t here with us today. I will forever be changed by the sight of all of you sharing your love for Forest, spending time together in his honor and helping each other through the pain. I wish you all peace. Sincerely, Lori.

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