Stella Rose Gang Rides Again

“There’s gonna be blood,” Midge Baker sneered as he stared down the railroad tracks at Lookingglass Crossing. His knuckles white from the grip he had on his rifle.

            “Midge, relax,” Creb Baker said. Creb knew Midge was like a loose cannon and knowing there were innocent men, women and children on the trailer set Creb on edge. “You’ve got to stay focused Midge. We are here for one reason and one reason only, to get Stella away from the Marshall and off of the train. There does not need to be any senseless killing! Ya hear?”

            Midge kicked the dirt. With 15 years of experience on God’s green earth, he knew his way around. He was getting sick and tired of his older brother’s constant advice. If someone on that train tried to stop him from getting Stella, well, they were going to die.

For several years the Stella Rose Gang has been robbing the Eagle Cap Excursion Train, and for the last two years I have been lucky enough to be invited along to take pictures of the event.
I am currently working on a book about the Stella Rose Gang and will incorporate all my pictures with it.
The Eagle Cap Excursion Train’s 63 miles of track, meanders along the Grand Ronde and Wallowa Rivers, connecting the small communities of Elgin, Wallowa, Enterprise and Joseph.

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