Mackenzie River Pizza Co.

Our first experience with MacKenzie River Pizza Co. was in Missoula, Montana. The atmosphere was great, the waiter was enjoyable to visit with, and the food was outstanding.
We started off with their blue corn chips and salsa. Before we got filled up on chips our pizza arrived, and between the three of us, we ate every last morsel.
That’s all it took, we were hooked. We live in a rural area of northeast Oregon, so, we really don’t get a chance to have delicious pizza brought piping hot to our table very often, so this was a wonderful treat.

Hannah with the Moose outside of the
Kalispell MacKenzie Pizza Co.

Now, whenever I am in one of the areas where MacKenzie River Pizza Co. calls home, I search them out, and treat myself to some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.
As I sit here at my desk, craving pizza, I realize it has been a while since we’ve had the pleasure of visiting any of these fine establishments.
During a trip to Billings, Montana  we stopped in at MacKenzie River Pizza Co. for dinner. We had been traveling all day, and we were ready to stop for the night, and to get something to eat. As usual, we drove through the main part of city, so we could get an idea of what the city was like. This was Mark and I’s first time in Billings, so we drove around for a bit.

View of thick, crazy cloud  from  MacKenzie River Pizza Co. in Billings

A storm, which we had been watching for more than an hour, continued to grow over Billings. Finally we decided to have dinner atMacKenzie River Pizza Co. and see if the storm would pass on by.
The hostess sat us near the window. I found the warmth of the place comforting, the entire staff, however, seemed as if they were ready to bolt at a seconds notice. Billings, you see, had just had a tornado the week before. From the looks of the torn up buildings nearby, it came with in a quarter mile of the pizza company, and these people working on this night were anything but comforted.
A huge ominous cloud hung overhead, and hailstones pelted the pavement beyond our window.

MetraPark arena in Billings after the June 20, 2010 tornado

The patrons in the restaurant were calm, most probably travelers that were unaware of the underlying tension that I thought radiated from each and every employee there. They still did their job, they were all friendly and attentive, but they were very nervous. Not a one seemed to be older than 25, and I am sure they were thinking, “what if”, but it was fine. The cloud rolled away, their tension eased and once again we were able to cure our craving for MacKenzie River Pizza Co. pizza.

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