Historic Hotel Lincoln

When we travel we don’t always book our motel room before our trip, simply because we never know when we are going to get where we are going. We do pretty good about getting in the rig and heading on down the highway, but from time to time we ignore the time and spend time enjoying things along the way. I’m not sure why, but one place in particular pops into my mind whenever I starting thinking about traveling.

Mark and I were on a sales run. We build trailers, yeah, trailers. Interesting huh….well it can be, but it can be pretty boring too after five years of constant struggling and trying to make enough money to survive. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, because it has been a great outlet for Mark, who absolutely loves to design and build trailers. We have met many great people that we simply would never have met had it not been for the fact that we build trailers. It has taught us a lot about ourselves and how to handle a thousand issues that we would never have had to deal with had we not decided to build trailers.
Aside from the wonderful people that are now in my life that wouldn’t have been the travel has been the greates gift this trailer business has given to me.
On this particular trip we finally decided to call it a day near the town of Lincoln, Montana. We drove into town, glanced at the city center, which happened to be the entire city, right there in the center with a highway going straight through the middle of it. Before we knew it we were driving out the other side. After going about a mile beyond the city limits we decided to turn around and find a place to stay for the night. There were a few motels, but the place that caught our eye was an old log inn. There was one car in the parking lot, which turned out to be the owners. One car, to me, was a sure sign that would not be clean enough to stay, but it had something about it that drew us in.
We noticed a sign as we walked in. It had instructions for all of the bicyclist that seemed to be passing through the area just as we were. The hotel was booked with bicyclists, that explained the absence of non-green mode’s of transportation in the parking lot.
After taking our luggage to our room, which had an obvious tilt. So much so that if you sat on the bed you would be compelled to place your foot on the wall so as not to tumble forward. It added to the charm. The inn was welcoming, inviting and had offered its walls to weary travelers for many many years.
I’m not sure what it is about this place that it pops into my memory so much. I almost hate to revisit it for fear of ruining the comforting memory I have of it.
I find it strange that it jumps into my memory from time to time, because there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that happened during our stay. We walked to the local grocery store and bought snacks for our dinner. We set up our lawn chairs on the side yard and had a drink along with our snack lunch. The owner of the place came out and visited with us as we were fixing our dinner and drinks on the tailgate of our pickup. He was nice and was very interesting to talk to. We talked more with him the next morning before we headed on our way.
I highly recommend stopping in for a night or two. It was very clean, and very quiet. There was a small bar downstairs, along with a breakfast room and a larger living room, which was decorated with saddles and western decor. The owner was friendly and enjoyable to visit with.

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